Feed Our Children was founded in 2006 with the purpose of bringing awareness to the growing problem of hunger and malnutrition with children and families in our very own communities. There are an alarming number of children and adults in America that are not only hungry, but nutritionally starved.

In addition, a dramatic rise in overweight children and adults has occurred over the last 30 years.  The trend towards being overweight is also associated with a greater reliance on

high-calorie and high-fat convenience foods. They are consuming more sodas and fast foods contributing to empty calories that provide very little significant nutritional value.  

There has been a valiant effort by caring organizations to supply food to help. However, a great deal of the food donated is void of good nutrition, and in some cases could be causing more harm than good.  Feed Our Children is committed to provide nutrient rich food to help with the healthy growth and development of children and families in our society.

Feed Our Children is also partnering with businesses' to build organic community gardens.  We are actively engaging with businesses to grow fresh, organic food by cultivating organic gardens in neighborhoods of need.  We are excited to partners with these organizations to help make a healthy difference.

Feed Our Children is committed to providing children and families nutrient rich food to help with their hunger and support their healthy growth and development.